Speaking voice Cinderella, Belle and Tiana are the only Princesses born as commoners that become royalty through marriage as they all ended up with men who were born into royal families. The character of Snow White first originated in 1937 from a Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Schneewittchen" about a beautiful German princess with a jealous stepmother. Show More. The album went on to peak at #4 on Billboard's Top Kid Audio chart. In addition, the franchise includes dolls, miniature castles, and other toys. Pocahontas, Mulan, and Moana all wear their ethnic outfits. The first three Disney Princess movies, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, were made from the 1930s to 1950s. Cinderella Tremaine is the eldest of all the Disney Princesses. The Princesses are also featured very prominently at the Disney theme parks. Audience Score: … External links Characters in the Disney animated features canon, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Majestic Journey, Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina, the youngest and only daughter of ten children. At one point, Jane Porter, Giselle, Anna, and Elsa were considered to be included in the line-up, but weren't realized. Created in the 1990s, the franchise spotlights a line-up of fictional female heroines who have appeared in various Disney animated feature films. Each of the Princesses have their own outfits which represent their uniqueness and character in the franchise: Snow White, Jasmine, and Merida all wear casual attire. The Disney Princesses were designed to have all the Princesses unaware of each other's presence. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan and Rapunzel's names are from their original stories. The Walt Disney Company Anika Noni Rose Singing voice The Little Mermaid Product page. For years and years, the magical brand of Disney has been making TV shows, films, theme parks, toys, games and other products that entertain fans of all ages, but they are best known for their princess movies; these bright, bold, and beautiful young ladies all have once upon a times that share some similar elements.. RELATED: 10 Disney Princesses … Cinderella was only seen wearing her gown when she went to the ball. Anika Noni Rose Based on the princess from the fairy tale "The Frog Prince" by the Brothers Grimm, Tiana is the heroine of the 2009 animated film The Princess and the Frog, and is the first African-American princess. They are referred to this name because they allow access to the Door to Darkness when gathered together, and whoever gathers them will gain the power to rule over the worlds. Several of them have appeared in some official Disney Princess products or promotions or guest starred alongside the princesses above. This line features the Disney Princesses reimagined as young children. Feature film From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” a sweeping, CG-animated feature film about an adventurous … Snow White - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (TBA) Disney Princess is a franchise owned by the Walt Disney Company. Pocahontas is the first Disney Princess with two love interests. Her speaking voice is provided by actress Ming-Na Wen, while singer Lea Salonga provides the character's singing voice. Sing along with Sofia, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, and more! Speaking voice At the end of the film, John is wounded and sent back to London for treatment where Pocahontas remains in her village to look after her people. Although in Aurora's case, she thought Briar Rose was her real name until she was informed of her true identity. Cinderella is often considered the leader of the Princesses; often being put in the center of the group shots. Merida She is the first women of color to be the protagonist of their respective film, along with being voiced by an actor of the same ethnicity. Other fairies were created specifically for the franchise. Moana is the only Princess not to be seen wearing a garment that has a shade of blue. Sofia the FirstWhisker Haven According to a producer, Pocahontas wasn't able to appear in the show because it was difficult to create an episode involving her character. Ariel is the only Disney Princess who isn't born a human, but she eventually becomes a human. Merida uses the spell on Elinor in an attempt to make her change her mind about the marriage, only to turn Elinor into a bear. Kelly MacdonaldRuth Connell Speaking voice Kairi is the only member from the original group that is part of the new seven lights. Rapunzel and Merida are the only Princesses to have adjectives as film titles (although at one point, Rapunzel's film title was originally going to be eponymous during the production). Walt Disney himself and artist Kay Nielsen began work on the story of The Little Mermaid in the 1930's and early 40's. Feature film Although her dress changes from blue to pink thanks to a disagreement between two of her guardians, Merryweather and Flora, outside the film, she is most commonly seen wearing pink. Currently, 10 of the 12 Princesses have more than two Palace Pets. Belle was only seen wearing her gown twice in her film: when she had both dinner and a dance with the Beast, as well as dancing with the Beast once again in his human form at the end of the film. Here is the list of upcoming princesses: 1. The members in this incarnation are: Notably, two other Disney Princesses, Ariel and Mulan, appear as well but are not Princesses of Heart. Adjusted for inflation: $773,804,100. Brave Product Page. Co-director Ron Clements felt the story was too tragic, and changed the original character from the tragic but hopeful heroine to the brave and resourceful Ariel. Andy Mooney Except for Cinderella, Ariel and Merida, all the Disney Princesses are shown to have no siblings. Cinderella. Tiana officially became a member of the Disney Princess line-up on March 14, 2010, at the New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan, New York City. They also existed in worlds which were more self-aware of the traditional and changing role of women; particularly Ariel, with her villainess assuring her that women on land should keep silent, Belle, with her villain assuring her that "it's not right for a woman to read", and Mulan, with her peers extolling masculine traits in addition to those of the ideal wife. She is a free spirt, which she gets from her deceased mother. Rapunzel was "officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Royal Court" during a promotional event at Kensington Palace in London on October 2, 2011. Other features include the "Disney's Enchanted Adventures Parade" and the "Magic, Music and Mayhem" fireworks spectacular. The event combines the "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction and movie series and the Disney Princess line, and cosplaying as both pirates and royalty is encouraged. She befriends the seven dwarfs during her stay at their cottage. These women are obed… Disney Princess Because while one princess is good and a couple of princesses are even better, Disney is upping the stakes and putting all the Disney Princesses in one movie. Live-Action Reference Model Currently, the franchise is comprised of 12 members: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana.[1]. She is the twelfth official Disney Princess. Mulan was only seen in her signature outfit during the first part of her film, as she spends the rest of it dressed up as a soldier. Alternatively, the Princesses may fall into three categories based on their eras: Each Princess is represented by one or more objects: Pocahontas – her mother's necklace, feather, compass, leaves. As of right now, Snow White, Aurora, Tiana, Merida, and Moana are the only five Princesses out of the twelve whose films don't have a sequel that's directly connected to their original films. Out of all twelve Princesses, Snow White and Cinderella are the only orphaned Princesses; Aurora, Mulan, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana have both their parents alive; Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Pocahontas have only their fathers alive; and Tiana is the only one who has her mother alive while her father died. 1992’s Aladdin is the only Disney Princess movie that simply references a male character in the title, but that doesn’t… Source Mandy Moore Moana is the protagonist of Disney's 2016 animated feature film of the same name. Its slogan was "Every girl can be a Princess!". Queen Elinor's expectations and demands of her daughter make Merida see Elinor as being cold, unfeeling, and distant, causing friction between the two. Fa Mulan (or simply Mulan) is a brave heroine who impersonates a male soldier to fight for the Chinese Imperial Army in order to protect her ailing father who would have been required to go if she had not gone in his place. However, Ariel is able to defeat Ursula with Eric's help and thanks to her father, she becomes human permanently and marries Eric at the end of the film. Frozen (2013) - $1.27 billionTopping off the list as the highest-grossing Disney … or real life (Pocahontas, Mulan) works, and the first without a love interest. I love all the Disney princess songs so much that I just decided to make one big video with all of them in it! Aurora has an alternative blue princess dress, opposing to the signature pink that she has. Source Mulan pretends to be her father's son, Ping, risking death, and dishonor if she is discovered. Singing voice Snow White The name Belle translates from the French word for "beauty". Merida and Moana are currently the only Disney Princesses to not have love interests, though both were originally going to have love interests. The Princess and the Frog is a 2009 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The 49th Disney animated feature film, the film is loosely based on the novel The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker, which is in turn based on the Brothers … Lea SalongaLiz Callaway Jasmine is the only Princess to have the title of her film eponymous to her love interest. Rapunzel is the only Princess to wear a peasant dress (Aside from Aurora when she was in the forest as Briar Rose). Source Although the specific criteria for becoming a member of the franchise remain vague for the most part, there have been a number of "unofficial" Disney Princesses who cannot join the line-up for different reasons. The Disney Princesses are featured in various sing-a-long video series released through the Walt Disney Company. But then, for a millennium, their voyages stopped – and no one knows why. Live-Action Reference Model Though Jasmine did not recognize Aladdin in his prince disguise, she fell in love due to him seeing her as a person and for him having a good heart. Disney heroines and actual princesses that are not part of the official line-up. Ilene WoodsKath SoucieJennifer Hale Moana is the only Princess to redeem her primary antagonist (before turning into Te Kā. Best known as the heroine of the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty, which is based on Charles Perrault's "La Belle au Bois Dormant". Source She is the only Disney Princess who is not royal by blood or marriage. Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Moana are the only Princesses to have their names eponymous to the title of their respective films. Source Pocahontas wears a blue shirt as part of her comfy outfit in, Mulan was seen wearing a dress with the color blue during the final battle with, Tiana was seen wearing a blue princess costume during. Fa Mulan is the only Disney Princess to have a known last name. It’s therefore no surprise they personify the traditional housewife stereotype, propagated by the domestic containment theory of the 50s. 3 - Perfectly Princess, Disney's Princess Storybook Collection: Love and Friendship Stories, Nomura talks about "Let It Go", the gameplay of Arendelle and The Carribean, the new Princesses of Heart and Situation Commands in Kingdom Hearts III, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Inside the Disney Princess scene everyone's talking about, https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Disney_Princess?oldid=4334081, The line-up also features eight characters loosely based on fairy tales (Snow White; Cinderella; Aurora from ". Vanellope von Schweetz encounters the group during her visit to Oh My Disney; in during which, Vanellope reveals herself to be the princess of Sugar Rush and is subsequently inducted into the line-up. She eventually finds the courage to do so, with the help of a powerful demigod named Maui, and the guidance of her Gramma Tala. Rapunzel - Tangled (TBA) 3. These charismatic girls carry a similar personality in their eras, at the beginning with the first three (Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora), their characteristics were well known as classy, graceful and romantic daydreamers, who suffered from the actions caused by others. Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Tiana are the only Princesses to have film titles referencing to their character. And just like Mulan, she received grace from Te Fiti for saving the world from destruction. Ironically, despite most of them having a royal status (in Mulan's case, a recognizable status), a majority of the Princesses were seen doing physical labor (chores or servant work). They will be added to the official list when the film is either in the middle of production, finished production or if the film is already released. Three thousand years ago, the greatest sailors in the world voyaged across the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. Merida officially joined the Disney Princess court on May 11, 2013, at Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle. So it comes as no surprise when her dream causes her to fall victim to accepting a shady offer from Ursula the Sea Witch promising her a lifetime of happiness with Prince Eric as long as she carries out the rules outlined in the signed binding contract. Beauty and the Beast Aurora was only seen wearing the pink version of her dress during her dance with Prince Phillip at the end of her film. The two later fall in love. [21] Each inherit the title from previous members who no longer have need for the position once they willingly accept light over darkness. Lea Salonga Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana are shown as children in their original films. The plot direction of these Disney movies is also reflective of the personal characteristics and traits embodied by these women. ULTIMATE SING-A-LONG!!! Pocahontas wants to choose her own path and doesn't want to marry her fathers choice for a husband, Kocoum. Cinderella's ball gown has been recolored from silver to blue for the franchise. Ilene WoodsTammi Tappin Adriana CaselottiMary Kay BergmanCarolyn GardnerKatherine Von TillPamela Ribon Source In July 2013, the Princesses received a spin-off franchise called Palace Pets. After her best friend Erica is kidnapped, Kilala uses the power of the Magic Tiara to open the Gate of Dreams in order to find her, interacting with each of the Princesses and receiving a gem from each of them to power the Tiara during this time. The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live! The Princesses are known for their inner and outer beauty, as well as having beautiful singing voices, apart from Merida, who only sings a song with her mother when she is little in her film. Disney PrincessRoyal AdventureMagical JewelsEnchanted JourneyMy Fairytale AdventureKinect: Disneyland AdventuresDisney Magic Kingdoms Once John is taken prisoner, Pocahontas helps prevent a war from commencing between their people. In the manga series, six of the official Princesses appear, each having the power to bring peace to the world. Tiana [5][6] In 2005, though, Tinker Bell has starred in her own Disney franchise, the Disney Fairies. The current line-up for the Live-Action Disney Princesses is: Aurora (2014) Cinderella (2015) Belle (2017) Jasmine (2019) Mulan (2020) These are scenes replicated from the animated movie into the live … Out of all the twelve Princesses, seven of them have used magic actively on others or their surroundings: Cinderella and Aurora with wands, Ariel with her father's. Original work Speaking voice No longer allowed in the Imperial Army, Mulan goes rogue and defeats the leader of the Hun army Shan Yu. Due to an ancient law upheld by her father, Chief Tui, Moana is forbidden from ever going beyond the reef. Mulan Several of the Disney Princesses are animated by the same person. Disney Princess movies are full of moments that are inspirational and aspirational, emotional and joyful, and just overall fun. The character has not been introduced in a sequel. Jasmine Source After Aladdin reveals his true identity and saves Jasmine and her kingdom from Jafar, Jasmine's father demolishes the royal law so Jasmine can be with Aladdin, whom she eventually marries. She is also well-trained in sword-fighting and an expert horsewoman, riding wildly across the countryside on her horse, Angus. The best-known version of Cinderella is the fairy tale "Cendrillon" by Charles Perrault in 1697. All Princess Movies. In 1950, it was turned into an animated feature-length film by Walt Disney. Aurora and Mulan are the only Disney Princesses to go by aliases (Aurora as "Briar Rose" and Mulan as "Ping"). In restoring Te Fiti's lost heart, the world is freed of darkness, allowing Moana's people to voyage the seas as freely as they please. While the Disney princess formula has changed since Brave by not making love interests the moving force of the stories anymore, Disney still has a long way to go, and its reluctance to make Anna and Elsa official princesses is proof of it. Using the six gems she'd collected, Kilala manages to free the citizens of Paradiso from Valdou's control - gaining the final gem when she accepts that she is the seventh Princess and chooses to become one in her own way. Their characteristics were known to be strong-willed, adventurous, feisty, cunning, and determined. Rapunzel was the first Princess in the franchise to be computer-animated, rather than traditionally hand-drawn. Mulan is the only Princess who's neither royal by birth nor marriage. "Ping" is admired by everyone until "he" is injured during the battle and requires medical care, resulting in the outing of "his" secret. The first of the villains in the lineup, the Queen attempted to kill Snow White(her step-daughter) so she would be the fairest in the l… The film is praised for its cultural authenticity and prevailing messages including family, love, courage, and most notably, the empowerment and equal rights of women. Helene Stanley Feature film Disney Princess Movies. Belle Singing voice Video games The Disney Princesses have appeared in the, Pocahontas and Moana are the only Princesses who did not appear on the show, nor did they appear in the, Only four of the twelve Princesses (Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel and Merida) have appeared as playable characters in. 4. The spunky, independent Arabian Princess of Agrabah, who dreams of seeing what's beyond her palace and be freed from her father's constant pestering of arranged royal marriage. Disney Princess Magazine celebrates increase in sales as it turns 21, Disney Princess Sing-Along Songs - Once Upon a Dream, Disney Princess Sing-Along Songs Vol. Beauty and the Beast. She soon learns to see the good hidden behind his hideous appearance and rough manner and eventually, over time, falling in love with him. Ariel Hans Christian Andersen's original character dissolves into foam on the sea after the prince marries someone else, but through an act of compassion is transformed into a spirit of the air.

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